Use your eID card to access online services, so that you can manage your affairs with your eID card online after purchasing the appropriate card reader and free support software (eSzemélyi Kliens card management application)

Manage your affairs with an eID card from the comfort of your home! The card reading process is as follows:

  1. Prepare your computer or laptop
  2. Purchase a card reader device
  3. Purchase of card reader software: eSzemélyi Kliens application (click here to download)
  4. Install the card reader software: eSzemélyi Kliens application
  5. Connect the card reader (for some products, install a driver)
  6. Launch and run the card reader software
  7. Prepare your eID card and PIN code (Blue and Green border envelope)
  8. Let the card reading begin: connect your eID card to the card reader.


A smartphone, with an Android operating system, can be used as a card reader as well, with the eSzemélyiM application. This function can be used to substitute special USB card readers. The eSzemélyiM and supporting applications also enable electronic identification and electronic signatures on computers with Windows or Linux operating systems.

A smartphone with the following main parameters is required for using the eSzemélyiM application:

  • operational system Android 7 or higher
  • NFC reading capability
  • Internet connection – on a network shared with the computer
Use your Android phone as a card reader!

Further details on the eSzemélyiM mobile application, card reading with the application and other functions of the app are available at the subpage eSzemélyiM app.


The application is also available in English. The language can be set under „Beállítások” (Settings) in “Nyelv” (Language), by clicking the “Módosít” (Modify) button.


Several devices are available to read your eID card; USB card readers are available with and without a PIN keypad.

Card reading devices

The card readers already tested by the Ministry of Interior of Hungary in terms of technical features and usability are the following:

The Reiner cyberJack® RFID basis and the ACS ACR1252U USB NFC Reader do not have a display or PIN PAD. In this case, the information is displayed on the screen of your computer in the application interface and you can enter the requested data using your keyboard.


To ensure proper operation, use a legal operating system and software and always install the latest security updates. Please also use firewall software and ensure that your computer has appropriate virus protection


For some USB card readers that are not automatically installed (not “plug and play”), it is also necessary to install drivers.


The card reader application is an essential part of the eSzemélyi Kliens software package, which is required to use the eID card in a PC environment. The application performs the following main tasks:

  • It provides the management of PIN codes associated with eID card. Including:
    • Activation and replacement of the eIdentification PIN;
    • Activation and replacement of the eSignature PIN;
    • unblocking and replacing incorrect PIN codes with the PUK code.
  • Enables access to the eID card in a PC environment for various applications.
  • It allows to display information about the connected card reader and the status of the eID card.

Please note that the latest version of the eSzemélyi Kliens application has been released! The related installation packages and information about changes to the application are available in the Downloads section.

The latest version of the eSzemélyi Kliens application, which is currently available for download, can be used to activate and change PINs and to manage the eSignature function on the following operating systems:

The Hungarian installation guide, end-user licence agreement and user help file for the application are available in the document repository and on the Downloads subpage.

eID card Client installation video


For your convenience, save the CAN number to your computer’s cache using eSzemélyi Kliens application!